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About Us is the Web's first cash-free exchange of digital entertainment products (CDs, DVDs and video games). Founded in 1998 by brothers Andrew and Steven Grundy, Spun was built on their vision to create an online music exchange. With Andy's music industry experience and Steve's entrepreneurial skills, operational knowledge and Internet expertise, the two realized a lifelong dream in

Today, offers users the ability to trade-in their used, unwanted CDs, DVDs and digital games for instant online credit towards the purchase of new or used CDs, DVDs or games, eliminating the need for cash or specific trading partners. Spun's innovative approach has carved a new niche in electronic commerce.

Spun's Management Team

Fact Sheet

Problem: Everyone has old CDs and other entertainment lying around, collecting dust. Tastes change and old CDs, DVDs and games become obsolete.

Solution: A cash-free 'recycling' program of sorts, Spun gives users instant online credit toward the purchase of a different CD, DVD or video game.

The Spun Advantage:

  • Buy and sell in one order
  • Real-time price quotes for trade-ins
  • Spun's consumer-driven pricing system keeps track of what Spun has in stock -- and adjusts our buy and sell prices accordingly

Spun is not an Internet company, but a company that does business on the Internet, using the best features of the Web (inventory and search) to carry out its exchange of physical product.

  • A Napster for physical media
  • Cash free exchange for the cash-poor consumer
  • Smart E-commerce
  • Dynamic Pricing Formula based on supply and demand
  • High margins for company with lowest price for customer


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