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Urban Dance Squad: Life N Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover Cover Art

Track Listing
1. Comeback
2. (Thru) The Gates of the Big Fruit [Live]
3. Harvey Quinnt [Live]
4. (Thru) The Gates of the Big Fruit
5. Deeper Shade of Soul [Live]
6. Life 'N Perspectives I
7. Grand Black Citizen [Live]
8. Mr. Ez Way
9. Mr. Ez Way [Live]
10. Thru the Eyes of Jason
11. Duck Ska [Live]
12. Routine
13. Son of Tha Culture Clash [Live]
14. Life 'N Perspectives II
15. Hitchhike H.D. [Live]
16. Son of Tha Culture Clash
17. Wino the Medicineman [Live]
18. Careless
19. Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet [Live]
20. Grand Black Citizen
21. Life 'N Perspectives III
22. Fast Lane [Live]
23. Harvey Quinnt
24. Comeback [Live]
25. Duck Ska
26. Life 'N Perspectives V [Live]
27. Life 'N Perspectives IV
28. So-Called Uplifted [Live]
29. No Kid [Live]
30. For the Plasters
31. Wino the Medicineman
32. God Blasts the Queen [Live]
33. Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet
34. (Thru) The Gates of the Big Fruit [Live]
35. Comeback
36. Harvey Quinnt [Live]
37. (Thru) The Gates of the Big Fruit
38. Life 'N Perspectives I
39. Deeper Shade of Soul [Live]
40. Grand Black Citizen [Live]
41. Mr. Ez Way
42. Mr. Ez Way [Live]
43. Thru the Eyes of Jason
44. Routine
45. Duck Ska [Live]
46. Son of Tha Culture Clash [Live]
47. Life 'N Perspectives II
48. Hitchhike H.D. [Live]
49. Son of Tha Culture Clash
50. Wino the Medicineman [Live]
51. Careless
52. Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet [Live]
53. Grand Black Citizen
54. Fast Lane [Live]
55. Life 'N Perspectives III
56. Harvey Quinnt
57. Comeback [Live]
58. Duck Ska
59. Life 'N Perspectives V [Live]
60. Life 'N Perspectives IV
61. So-Called Uplifted [Live]
62. For the Plasters
63. No Kid [Live]
64. Wino the Medicineman
65. God Blasts the Queen [Live]
66. Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet

Urban Dance Squad:
Life N Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover
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CD information
Released: January 05, 1999
Label: Arista
Genre: Hard Rock & Metal , Rap & Hip-Hop , Rock , World Music
Titles: View all titles by Urban Dance Squad
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