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Various Artists: 100 Spectacular Sound Fx Cover Art

Track Listing
1. Fire Alarm Bell
2. Machine Gun Burst With Returned Fire
3. Explosion With Falling Debris
4. Glass
5. Paper Crumpling
6. Tearing Material Short
7. Tearing Material Long
8. Elevator Door Opening
9. Elevator Door Closing
10. Laundromat General Atmosphere
11. Sleigh Bells Santa's Arrival
12. Sleigh Bells Santa's Departure
13. Park With Fun and Games
14. Jet Engine Noise
15. Jet Overhead Flyby
16. Airport Ticket Area
17. Helicopter Flying (Interior Perspective)
18. Helicopter Flyby
19. Writting on Paper With Pencil
20. Lighting a Match
21. Coins Jingling
22. Ice Cubes Clinking in a Glass
23. Static
24. Chair Scraping Floor
25. Champagne Cork Popping
26. Coffee Grinder in Operation
27. Coffee Perculator in Operation
28. Steam
29. Cracking Egggs
30. Beating Eggs in a Bowl
31. Telephone Rotary Dialing
32. Telephone Hang Up Version 2
33. Car Wash (Interior Perspective)
34. Horse Gallops By
35. Herd of Elephants
36. Dog Barking
37. Rooster Crowing
38. Pig Grunts and Runs Away
39. Continuous Thunder Claps and Rumbles
40. Water Splash
41. Male Coughing
42. Heavy Breathing
43. Baby Crying
44. Running Through Leaves
45. Golf Audience Reaction to Missed Put
46. Applause at Golf Match
47. Male Laughing Hysterically
48. Audience Light Laughter
49. Bowling Gutterball
50. Bowling Strike
51. Basketball Game
52. Fishing, Casting, Reeling, and Catching Fish
53. Arrow Shot into Wood
54. Wooden Bat Hitting Baseball
55. Roller Coaster
56. Beach With Children
57. Counter Bell 2 Rings
58. Small Bell Several Rings
59. Grandfather Clock Striking 12
60. Alarm Clock Sounding
61. Winding Alarm Clock
62. Domestic Car Alarm
63. Domestic Car Horn Honk
64. Domestic Car Door Opened in Parking Garage
65. Domestic Car Door Closing in Parking Garage
66. Domestic Car Approach and Skid
67. Domestic Car Skid and Light Crash
68. Wind Chimes
69. Slide Whistle Wobble Up
70. Slide Whistle Wobble Down
71. Siren
72. Fast Drum Beat in a Cave
73. Slow Drum Beat in a Cave
74. Hammering Nails into Wood
75. Chains Rattling
76. Filing Cabinet Drawer Opening
77. Filing Cabinet Drawer Closing
78. Carbonated Water Fizzing
79. Electric Shaver
80. Party Horn
81. Bugle Call Parade
82. Bugle Call Jazz
83. Bugle Call Finale Sting
84. Pop Gun Popping
85. Ambulance Passing With Siren
86. Grand Prix Race Track Atmosphere
87. Truck Starting and Departing
88. Filling Sink With Water
89. Draining Water from Sink
90. Castanets
91. Music Box
92. Heavy Traffic
93. Police Radio in Operation
94. High Performance Car Start and Idle
95. High Performance Car Burn Out
96. Ghostly Rolls (Timpani)
97. Thunder Roll (Timpani)
98. Old Movie Camera in Operation
99. Gas Jet Burning / Shop Door Opening With Bell

Various Artists:
100 Spectacular Sound Fx
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CD information
Released: September 01, 1995
Label: Madacy
Genre: Miscellaneous , Pop
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